Old Fangs(2009)- Adrien Merigeau / Cartoon Saloon

(via shortanimation)


Hello. My film will come out in one week. This time I was trying to make design simple, naive, quite weird and expressive but still appeal in a classic way.


Gobelins/Calarts 2014. Nadya Mira. 

And all the GREAT people who were helping me

BG painting: Vasiliy Zorin Alexandre Deboine Sergey Kritskiy

Animation: Elena Volk, Pavel Andryuschenko, Tony Unser, Denis Borisovich, Toniko Pantoja,  Nata Metlukh  Eve Guastella Thidaud Gayral  Ilya Shekiladze, 

and many thanks to Fran Krause who was my film workshop teacher at Calarts


Canadian wolves by Linh Nguyen


{ stars and the mountains }
-i seriously need to get better at this-
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